Call for Applications – International MA in Performance Studies at Stockholm University

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Stockholm University’s Department of Culture and Aesthetics welcomes applications to its new International Master of Performance Studies (IMAPS) for entry in September 2017.

International Master Programme in Performance Studies
Department of Culture and Aesthetics
Stockholm University

Stockholm University’s Department of Culture and Aesthetics welcomes applications to its new International Master of Performance Studies (IMAPS) for entry in September 2017.

Study Performance Studies at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics

The performing arts are today more and more operating on a global and international level. Due to these developments professional fields related to theatre and performance are changing and require intercultural knowledge and specific skills to be able to cope with project related and curational challenges. Our new MA programme International Master in Performance Studies is responding to this situation and will provide students with competences and skills required in the professional field. At the same time the study programme will expand their understanding of theatre and provide advanced theories and methods for the in-depth analysis of international contemporary and historical performance practices. In the centre of teaching methods and didactics is the concept of supervised project work (both in research and practice) demanding from the students to engage in autonomous and group steered activities to foster their independent thinking, self-organization skills, ethical responsibility and creativity. We have a close cooperation with the department of Theatre Studies at Amsterdam University (UvA). Our students have the opportunity to take part in a study exchange of one semester in the Master programme “International Dramaturgy” at UvA. The Master programme demands full time studies of four semesters (120 ECTS) and includes obligatory (60 ECTS) as well as eligible (30 ECTS) courses. One semester term consists normally for four courses of 7,5 ECTS. The Master thesis takes one semester term (30 ECTS). All courses are on an advanced studies level. Teaching is in English.

The Department of Culture and Aesthetics

The Department of Culture and Aesthetics at Stockholm University was formed in 2015 and brings together theatre, performance and dance, music, literature, art history and history of ideas. Students in theatre, performance and dance studies receive expert instruction and supervision from some of Sweden’s most recognized scholars: Dirk Gindt (performance and activism, performativity and performance theory, gender and queer studies), Lena Hammergren (dance studies, dance historiography), Karin Helander (children’s culture), Rikard Hoogland (cultural politics, theatre history, contemporary drama and theatre), Tiina Rosenberg (feminist theory, performance studies, gender and queer studies, critical theory), Willmar Sauter (performance studies, theatrical event, theatre history), Barbro Sigfridsson (dramaturgy, theatre history), Meike Wagner (mediality and theatre, performance studies, puppet theatre, theatre history).

Our faculty members are internationally acknowledged and regularly present their research at international conferences and publish in international journals. They continually engage in research communications and organize international conferences at Stockholm University, e.g. the IFTR conference 2016 “Presenting the Theatrical Past”.

Stockholm University

Stockholm University is a leading European university in one of the world’s most dynamic capitals. Stockholm University’s Faculty of Humanities has been ranked among the top 100 universities of Times Higher Education. Since 1878 Stockholm University has been characterised by openness and innovation. A modern university with a multicultural environment, Stockholm University is one of the world’s top 100 higher education institutes. 70,000 students, 1,800 doctoral students and 5,000 staff are active within the areas of science and human science. Education and research at Stockholm University make a difference. The University contributes to individual and social change through top quality education and outstanding research. Our researchers contribute to the development of public policy and political decision-making, and participate in Nobel Prize Committees and international expert bodies.

Stockholm is a cultural hub and economic centre, with many green areas and surrounded by water, making it an ideal place in which to enjoy a relaxed and exciting student life. Stockholm has a vibrant performing arts scene. Both Dansens hus and MDT sthlm provide an excellent international programme of dance and performance. MDT regularly receives international artists in residence. Stockholm is a hotspot for new circus and home of the famous Cirkus Cirkör. International circus companies regularly perform at Subtopia. The Royal Dramatic Theatre, the Royal Opera and the Stadsteater offer excellent programmes of drama, opera, dance and performance. The Royal Dramatic Theatre hosts the bi-annual Ingmar Bergman-Festival, an international theatre festival named after Sweden’s most famous film and theatre director.

Students will find further information on our website

Please give the information to students that might be interested in our programme. For further questions please contact our study advisor Johanna Karlsson,

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