Application for admission – International students

Before you apply for admission

Once you have completed these tasks you are ready to apply.

You can apply for research degrees at any time during the year. Degrees that are comprised solely of a research project, such as a PhD, can be commenced at any time. If your degree includes coursework you will need to commence at the start of the relevant semester.

Application checklist

  • Application form x1 copy
  • Research proposal x1 copy
  • Certified copies of your English test score (if applicable) x1 copy
  • Certified copies of award certificates and full academic transcripts, including keys to the grading system used and English translation (if applicable). x1 certified copy of each document
  • Birth certificate or passport x1 certified copy
  • Curriculum Vitae x1 copy
  • Referee reports x2 (sent directly to Graduate Research by your referee)

Step 1. Download and complete the application form.

After your expression of interest form has been received and processed, you will receive a request from Graduate Research to submit an application.

Step 2. Outline your work or research experience in a Curriculum Vitae.

Please include a copy of your latest curriculum vitae with your application. Applicants who do not possess an honours degree or are not completing an honours degree in the current year, should provide evidence in relation to other criteria including:

  • Evidence of a major thesis (of approximately 6 months duration) – include an abstract if possible
  • Evidence of academic research experience which may be equivalent to a major thesis
  • Examiners reports of any dissertation or thesis
  • Evidence of fellowship or professional memberships
  • In the case of art, design or other performance based programmes where other criteria may be inappropriate, evidence of international or national reputation by way of exhibitions, performance, or production with your role clearly explained, can be included.
  • A list of any publications including work which you have done individually or jointly with others. The list should be presented with the following information: title, authorship (indicate your contribution, if it is a joint publication), type of publication (eg: journal article, conference paper, performance, website), whether it is an academically refereed publication and details on how this item contributes to the proposed thesis.

Step 3. Request academic referee reports.

You must choose two referees (academic and/or professional referees depending on the degree you are applying for) to provide Murdoch University with a statement regarding your suitability for admission to the degree. Referees should preferably be senior academics familiar with your most recent work, and in a position to comment on your future potential for research and contribution to the field of knowledge.

Please forward the link to the International Academic Referee Report (PDF document) form to your nominated referees. If applicable, download the professional referee report form and forward the document to your referee. Remember to do this well ahead of time, as the referee reports must be received by Graduate Research before the application deadline. It is your responsibility to ensure that your referees submit their references by the application deadline and your application may be significantly disadvantaged without these reports. This document is strictly confidential and should be sent directly to Graduate Research by each referee after they have completed it.

Step 4. Locate original or certified copies of your supporting documents.

Supporting documentation must accompany your application form at the time of submission. All documents must be in English; if not, please include certified English translations.

  • Certified copies of award certificates and full academic transcripts, including keys to the grading system use
  • Certified copies of your English test score. If you are an international student, you will need to demonstrate your English language proficiency.
  • Your birth certificate, extract of entry citizenship certificate or passport entry

The Graduate Research Office can certify your documents for internal use only.

Step 5. Submit your application and supporting documentation to Graduate Research

You can post documents to the Graduate Research Office in the mail or deliver them in person. The only exceptions are the referees’ reports which should be sent directly to the Graduate Research Office by your referees, and any outstanding results from studies you may be completing (i.e. Honours thesis results). These results will need to be sent to the Graduate Research Office as soon as they become available in the form of official transcripts.

Click here to view contact/address details for Graduate Research.

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